4 Quick Spot Cleaning Tips for Your Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a beautiful way to easily adorn your landscaping. Beyond being eco-friendly and affordable, artificial grass lawns require especially low maintenance. There’s no mowing, no watering, no reseeding, no weeding, and no use for toxic fertilizers. You will not have to spend your limited weekends maintaining your lawn. All you just need is to do a little care and your artificial lawn will stay in fabulous condition for years. So whether you are a resident of a low-water area, want the feel of a grass lawn without investing much or planning to say goodbye to your lawn mower for always, our artificial grass services in Rowville and Wantirna Sth are the best in the industry, let’s discuss quick tips for proper maintenance of your artificial grass by Andersons Professional Landscapes.

Even though artificial lawns require way less maintenance than real grass, there are still factors you need to consider for your artificial grass Vermont to looking new and feeling great. So once we’re done with installing our luxurious artificial lawns here is how you can protect your investment and enjoy it for years to come:

Proper Maintenance Depending on Your Circumstances

The amount of maintenance you require for your artificial grass completely depends on your circumstances. If you live in an area with a lot of dust and regular rainfall or maybe high pollen counts, or if you have children, pets, or a lot of other landscaping like trees and shrubbery, you will have to care more about the right maintenance than if you do not have any of this. You may also have to do more maintenance if you use your yard more often for entertainment purposes, spending leisure time, or simply as an outdoor living space. So the amount of maintenance that is required for your artificial grass Ringwood completely depends on your environment and how often your outdoor area is being used.

Quick Spot Cleaning Tip:

If you keep a conventional monthly or weekly cleaning schedule, your yard will always stay in the best condition. However, there are times when there are some difficult spills and stains that may appear during regular use.

Here is a guide on proper cleaning and removing for such stains.

Beverage and food Spills:

If you have installed an outdoor kitchen or enjoy hosting different barbecues, you may find yourself with various food or beverage stains on your lawns regularly. Artificial grass Surrey Hillsis mostly stain-resistant, however, at times food spills will leave an awful residue that requires a little extra care. So if in case you’ve spilled food or drinks on your lawn, a little elbow grease with a gentle cleaner will take care of the stain right away.

You need to always remember this factor when removing stains, never use a corrosive chemical cleaner. Cleaners containing chlorine bleach or caustic cleaners (with a PH above 9 or acidic cleaners with a PH below 5) can erode the grass blades and fade the coloring. Plus these cleaners are not just right for the environment. So make sure you are only using natural and mild cleaning solutions to clean your food and beverage stains.

Stains & Oil Paints Removal:

If you are planning to paint your home or are re-staining your patio or deck, you may encounter a spill or get drips of your oil paint or stain on your lawn. These stains are much difficult to remove from artificial grass Rowville, so you may require the help of experts for easy stain removal. However, before calling our experts, you can try to remedy the spill yourself.

If you still cannot remove the stain, don’t stress, we are always up to help and make it easy for you.

Depending on the chemical makeup of the paint or stain, we can find the right solution that will remove it. Or in case if it cannot be removed, we can always patch the damaged area so it blends in nicely with the rest of your lawn.

When you want the best garden clean-ups in Vermont and Surrey Hills, think of Andersons Professional Landscapes. We will create a scheduled maintenance program designed specifically, for you.

Bacteria And Mold Removal:

It is highly rare to find the growth of bacteria on your lawn. Between the hot sun rays and the lack of food, the bacteria is killed before it can even grow. However, in some areas like pet runs or especially where food is cooked, you should be a little concerned about the growth of the bacteria.

Bacteria is quite easy to remove from artificial grass, all it requires mixing a one-part solution of white vinegar and water. Spray the mixture on the affected area and Consider it all done! Plus if you are diligent about your routine maintenance, bacteria and mold will never even have the chance to grow.

Prevention from Burns:

Your artificial grass can be damaged by burns other than spills and stains. Burns can happen when your grass has been directly exposed to fire. Fire pots, candles, cigarettes and grills can all lead to burns. So to prevent all of these, simply make sure that you keep all sources of fire away from your artificial grass. Avoid smoking or lighting of fireworks especially in your yard. Then anywhere you are having a fire source like a grill, fire pit, torches, or even citronella candles, make sure they are on large paved patio surfaces, that way there is very little chance for sparks or embers from the flame landing on your grass causing a burn. Fortunately though, if ever you do have a burning issue from a dropped coal or cigarette, the area can be removed and easily patched by a professional installer like us.

Now you know, artificial grass maintenance is a snap. With the right installation, easy stain removal techniques, and just a weekly or monthly maintenance schedule, you can keep your artificial grass in the best condition possible. Also, if you want to be extra careful and protect your investment, you can always come in contact with the best professional garden cleaning services.

So rather than spending your weekends exposing yourself to harsh chemicals and fertilizers, mowing, and spending a huge sum on watering to maintain your grass, have an easy-to-maintain, pristine artificial lawn installed. For the best artificial grass Wantirna Sth call us on 0411 646 364 today, we’ll be more than happy to visit for a free no-obligation quote. That’s how you can spend your free time enjoying your yard, cherishing happy memories, and spending time with your loved ones.