Has Your Concrete Driveway Seen Better Days?

Concrete driveways can withstand a lot of years and wear and tear; however, in some instances concrete can still crack and breakdown.

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When a new sprinkler system or landscape lighting is installed, oftentimes there is a need to pass under the driveway. The installers use the force of water to clear a path under the concrete to be able to pass their PVC pipes, wires and other necessary materials under the concrete driveways. Once installed, nothing can be detected on the surface of the drive, but a large void may be created during the installation process due to the water forcing sand and dirt out of the way. Once a heavy delivery truck or vehicle pass over or park on that void, over time, the concrete is likely to crack, or even cave in. Once water has a chance to seep down into the base of the driveway, it is only a matter of time that the concrete starts to crumble, crack and fall apart leaving your driveway in a crumbled, uneven mess.

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Tree roots can also have a detrimental effect on concrete driveways too. As a tree grows, so does the root system. Pushing through soil and moving dirt and other materials out of its growth path, the root system can eventually make a concrete driveway uneven. As more time passes, the tree roots will take the path of least resistance. Once cracks in the concrete are made, the root system can easily expand by heaving the concrete up and out of its way. This makes for an uneven driveway, which can be hazardous and problematic for vehicular traffic as well.

Hire a paving contractor for all your concrete needs. At Andersons Professional Landscapes we can give you a free estimate on the replacement of your driveway. When evaluating your property we can also make suggestions for concrete crack repairs or concrete waterproofing. Whatever your concrete needs, hire us for complete satisfaction.

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Here are just some of the concrete services Andersons Professional Landscapes provides:

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Driveway Concrete
  • Concrete Crack Repairs
  • New Concrete Projects
  • Concrete Waterproofing

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