Pool Landscaping – Creating paradise in your own backyard

You could view your backyard as a blank canvas that is ready for creating the ideal outdoor living destination of your dreams. While there are many different ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable, useful and personalized to your taste, you could emphasize to your landscape contractor, Andersons Professional Landscapes, that you have an essential upgrade on your landscape design list: the addition of an in-ground swimming pool. If you have been dreaming about all of the ways to give your property a truly finished feel, read on, and we will arm you with the many reasons why a pool could become an essential part of your landscape design plan.

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Outdoor Recreation

One of the top reasons to consider getting a pool is the premise of installing an easy access, low-impact way to enjoy outdoor recreation right in your own backyard. Swimming has universally been agreed upon as one of the best activities for people of all ages and abilities, is easy on the body and is easy for most people to do. If you’ve been looking for a way to make the most of your outdoor spaces and have a fun way to stay active right at your fingertips, an in-ground pool could be perfect for your landscape.

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Visual Beauty

The benefits of a pool extend far beyond the hottest days of the year, by giving you something to enjoy visually as you spend time in your backyard or look out your kitchen window. Not only does the water reflect the natural beauty of the sky and surrounding foliage, but it adds color as well as visual interest for landscapes that have large expanses of grass or hardscape features. Ask us about adding waterfalls or integrated lighting to bring even more aesthetic character to your pool.

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Water Element Ambiance

There is something incredibly calming about having the perfect blend of the elements in your outdoor spaces. The sun, earth and air get your senses working when you step outside, while the addition of other elements can really make your outdoor experience complete. The sounds of water splashing and fun squeals from younger swimmers add to the delight. Consider adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in conjunction with your new in-ground pool to enhance the mix of elements—and to warm up after an evening swim.

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Easy Entertainment

Love to entertain? Have friends and family over often? The addition of in-ground pool can result in quicker RSVPs and give your guests a surefire way to enjoy themselves when they come to call. Barbecues, backyard parties and family gatherings will be fun for everyone when you have a place to splash and play. A hot tub and integrated seating could complete the guarantee of fun times.

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Return on Investment

An in-ground swimming pool can add curb appeal to your home and value. While it could be something that potential homebuyers may be attracted to when the time comes, you and your family will receive long-lasting value out of it during the swimming seasons. When it comes to upgrading your exterior, and in-ground pool can give your landscape the value, performance and beauty it deserves.