Pool Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Plants

Pool Landscaping Adds Beauty & Functionality

Aesthetics matters a lot when creating your backyard paradise. You’ll be happier when surrounded by things of beauty that work well.

Surround yourself with plants that you love, and grow well in your yard. Flowers, foliage, and branches provide functional benefits as well.

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Trees can provide shade for a nearby child’s playground or summer meals out on the patio. Bushes may screen deck boxes and pool equipment or provide privacy from nearby neighbors. Vines can climb pergolas and walls to create a sense of enclosure and intimacy.

Check your climate zone. Not all plants work well in all climates, so plan accordingly.

  • Add succulent plants for success in arid climates where rainfall is not reliable
  • Perennial native plants are an economical, long-lasting choice in all climates
  • Check with your landscape designer or local plant store for advice

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The primary consideration when choosing plants near pools is to avoid those that shed and drop debris in the pool. For this reason, lawns and planting beds should not be adjacent to the pool.

For a successful start, plants also need the proper growing environment. Prepare the planting beds and amend the soil with organic material, as needed. Here are some tips for choosing plants:

You’ll want:

  • Plants that are sun-lovers
  • Plants that are drought-tolerant
  • Plants that are ornamental grasses, especially native plants
  • Plants that are evergreen shrubs and trees
  • Plants that are ivy and other hardy ground covers
  • Plants that are succulents and tropical plants
  • Pots and planters with colorful annual flowers (water frequently)

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You don’t want:

  • Plants that are messy, dropping leaves and debris in the pool
  • Plants that bear fruit
  • Plants with lots of flowers
  • Plants with deep root systems
  • Plants that require lots of water
  • Big trees and plants that provide too much shade on your pool
  • Plants that attract stinging insects like wasps and some bees
  • Plants with thorns and sharp foliage that can cut pets and people
  • Plants that will grow too big, taking up space and blocking the view
  • Plants that are not compatible with chlorinated pool water
  • Plants that are poisonous or harmful to pets and people

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