If you’re searching for a complete landscape makeover for your residential home or commercial property, then Andersons Professional Landscapes definitely has the retaining wall solution you need.

Retaining walls whilst functional also serve as decorative components. They’re an incredible feature that won’t just add stunning aesthetic beauty to your property, but will also sharply increase its value!

A benefit of these walls is the fact that they provide great protection against any possible soil erosion. They effectively hold back the unstable soil and work to prevent the ground from getting washed away. By successfully preventing the soil from shifting and moving, the retaining walls manage to protect the buildings and structures that surround your property’s landscape from any possible damage. Retaining walls that are created from stone or concrete are pretty sturdy and last long. They are tough enough to withstand flooding, storms and strong ground movements.

Along with substantial structural benefits, concrete retaining walls are also essential for property leveling. If you’re on a steep hillside, it may be quite hard to plant shrubs and gardens that go down a grade.

Retaining walls provide extra gardening space for your landscape. By effectively increasing levels regions for gardening or built-in seating, the retaining walls upgrade your landscape’s beauty. These walls are an excellent way to make the most out of your yard, regardless of its size.

We have 30 years experience leveling numerous sloping blocks. Your retaining walls can be discreet or be a wonderful feature. There are various different options to choose from, from block to brick walls, which may be effectively rendered or clad via feature stone, to interlocking block walls & treated pine-timber sleeper walls. We will help you find the perfect product that you can enjoy.

Our most popular types of retaining walls:

Concrete Retaining Walls: If you need to retain a large volume of earth, concrete retaining walls are most likely the best option. Constructed with concrete block they can be reinforced with steel bars and core-filled with concrete.
Stone cladding can be added to a concrete block retaining walls to create a beautiful landscaping feature.

Sandstone Retaining Walls: A solid natural sandstone retaining wall is a beautiful classic feature and can make a great retaining wall solution.

Timber Retaining Walls: Railway sleepers, treated pine and some Australian hardwoods are suitable for retaining walls. Timber may not be your best long-term solution, though, since all timber is subject to decay over time.

Brick Retaining Walls: Brick is a good choice for small garden edging but does not retain large lateral earth pressures.

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