What Does a Landscape Gardener Do?

You might be wondering, what exactly do landscape gardeners do? How are they different from gardeners? Landscape gardeners combine the best of both worlds – they are experienced in overseeing construction projects from beginning to end as well as having the plant expertise to afford you the type of garden you want. Landscapers, in particular, will be able to turn your wishes into reality with their specific skill set which includes:

  • Providing estimates
  • Calculating costs
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Project management
  • Garden design
  • Supplying tools, materials, and plants
  • Preparing the ground or foundations
  • Turfing and seeding
  • Plant maintenance
  • Planting
  • Installing features
  • Advising
  • Providing an aftercare plan

Landscape gardeners are hired to work on all aspects of the garden environment. They may be required to work on lawns, flower beds, trees and shrubs and be asked to design and construct garden elements such as pathways, ponds, fences, walls and rockeries.

The role of a landscape gardener encompasses many potential components. Our job may involve preparing ground, building retaining walls, paving, laying artificial turf, or poolscaping.

At Andersons Professional Landscapes we understand how well certain flowers, plants, trees and shrubs will grow in particular soil types and weather conditions. We also have an understanding of how the design of a garden will impact the environment and its wildlife. 

As an experienced landscape gardener we are able to visualise how a garden will look at the planning stage.

While many people decide to work on their own garden, our experienced landscapers will already have the skills and experience to accomplish most tasks, making the process quicker. Our landscape gardeners also have access to materials at ‘trade cost’, which could help keep costs down for you. And as part of our service we know how to effectively remove garden waste created by our work. 

As established landscapers we have all the equipment and tools necessary to work on a garden: mowers, tools, safety clothing etc. We are also fully insured.

What sort of jobs might you ask Andersons Professional Lansdcapes to do?

  • Mow the lawn
  • Cut and weed overgrown areas of your garden
  • Rebuild retaining garden walls
  • Repaint fences and sheds
  • Build a pond
  • Cut down overhanging branches
  • Create a rockery
  • Design and create a zen garden
  • Tidy or enhance a garden to make a property more sellable
  • Tidy or enhance a garden around a property that has just been purchased
  • Paving Services

What are the benefits of landscape gardeners?

While completing garden and home projects by yourself can be a fun and engaging thing to do, it can also be stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true when you lack things like qualifications, experience, and expertise to get them done. These are some of the benefits that Andersons Professional Landscapes can provide:

  • Experience

We have decades of experience and the quality of our work reflects this.

  • Knowledge

You may not know about the latest and greatest trends in materials or design when it comes to your garden but we do. While you may come to the table with plenty of ideas and inspiration, only a professional will be able to assess your situation objectively and tell you what will work and what, frankly, will not.

If you’re looking for a company to transform your garden or just maintain the beautiful one you already have make sure to call us today.

We also specialize in Pool Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Paving, Garden Clean Ups and Artificial & Natural Turf. For the best landscape gardeners in Ringwood, Vermont Surrey Hills, Rowville, Wantirna Sth and Melbourne, call Andersons Professional Landscapes today on 0411 646 364